Our Challenge


Find a diet you can stick to.
So it is no longer a diet, it is just the way you eat.

4 Week Challenge

Our 4 week challenge is all about improving your health and fitness and establishing good daily habits that you can continue on with after the challenge is complete Whether you need to lose a few kilo’s or need a extra push to get going, You’ve just come back from holiday’s or are going on holiday’s or maybe you have just been feeling seriously unmotivated and need a kick up the butt to get going. Whatever the reason our Four Week Challenge is the perfect place to start!


What you can achieve in 4 weeks:
Increase your fitness and strength
✖Form new dietary habits that you can continue on with after the challenge is finished
✖Establish a exercise routine that you can continue with. Regular exercise and Consistency is the key to maintaining your fitness.
Learn to cook a range of healthy meals
Reduce Fat and Increase Muscle Tone

What’s included:

4 week unlimited access to every session on timetable
Meal Plan (I sit down with you and go through the meal plan & challenge guide lines. I show you how to swap out foods to suit your taste preference)
Recipe Guide
Two Body Composition Analysis
Before and after photos
Weekly weigh in’s to help you stay on track and accountable

What do the meals consist of:

Breakfast: Omelettes, Smoothies, Bacon, Eggs & Vegetables, Chia Pudding, Breakfast muffins
Lunch: BBQ Skewers, Roast, Beef Stroganoff, Curry, Satay Chicken, Fish and Greek Salad, Stir Fry
Dinner: Chilli Con Carne, Asian vegetables with chicken, Mexican Beef & Salad, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Mushroom pizza topper

How to start

Contact Zoe to book in for your Challenge Sign Up. This takes 15 minutes and includes weigh in, photos and we sit down and go through the guidelines of the challenge.

Challenge Sign Up’s take place on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday. This gives you the weekend to prepare your meals and then Day 1 of your challenge will be on the following Monday.

✖ Contact Zoe: Via form below or email info@fitnesswithzoe.com


$200.00     Must be paid in full at challenge sign up.  Eftpos, Cash or Bank transfer is available



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