Our Team


Anna is our resident Vypa and instructor and holds a Certificate 4 in Fitness.
Anna found a passion for fitness after seeing her body transform.
This led to Anna becoming a trainer and loves helping our clients reach their goals whether that be at a one-on-one personal training session or during a group fitness class.


Liv is our Burn instructor and loves making you sweat it out. When Liv isn’t instructing Burn you will find her participating in our Hiit and Circuit classes or on the court playing netball. Liv is currently in her 4th year at JCU studying Occupational Therapy.


Kristie is our group fitness trainer and Burn instructor.
This busy mum of 4 had never exercised before joining FWZ in her 2019.
After seeing the changes physically and mentally fitness quickly became Kristie’s passion and outlet.


Samantha, Sammy or Sam (which ever you prefer) is our group fitness trainer.
Sam joined FWZ with her mum when she was 18 and has been a part of family ever since.
Currently studying exercise physiology at JCU, when Sam isn’t taking a group fitness session (or sweating it out an a class) you will find her working at ASN Fairfield (supplement store)


Molly is our newest Konga instructor, after growing up with dance and cheer Konga has always been a favourite for Molly. Molly joined the FWZ family at 18 and has been training with us ever since.
It’s a real family affair with Molly’s mum and sister’s training at FWZ too. When Molly isn’t on stage you will find her at JCU studying physiotherapy.


Kristen is our Konga instructor, growing up in Newcastle dancing her whole life led to Kristen becoming an instructor. Soon to be mum of 2 found a passion for fitness after seeing amazing results from her training and diet and is now studying her certificate in Fitness to help others achieve their goals.


Sierra is our junior studio assistant, When Sierra isn’t at school completing her year 12 certificate you will find her at the studio helping out or sweating it out in a class.

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