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Find a diet you can stick to.
So it is no longer a diet, it is just the way you eat.


It’s all about YOU!

Our challenges are all about improving your health and fitness and establishing good daily habits that you can continue on with after the challenge is complete. We want to help you work on your own personal goals in a supportive positive environment.



We have participants take part in our challenges for a number of reasons including:
Weight loss | Muscle building| Trying something new | Help with self-confidence | Learning to cook new recipes | Mental health | Improving Health concern | Me time- putting myself first

What you can achieve 

  • Increase your fitness and strength
  • Form new dietary habits that you can continue on with after the challenge is finished
  • Establish a exercise routine that you can continue with. Regular exercise and Consistency is the key to maintaining your fitness.
  • Learn to cook a range of healthy meals
  • Reduce Fat and Increase Muscle Tone

What do the meals consist of:

  • Breakfast: Omelettes, Smoothies, Bacon, Eggs & Vegetables, Chia Pudding, Breakfast muffins
  • Lunch: BBQ Skewers, Roast, Beef Stroganoff, Curry, Satay Chicken, Fish and Greek Salad, Stir Fry, Healthy Pizza, Italian Inspired meals, Crispy Chicken
  • Dinner: Chilli Con Carne, Asian vegetables with chicken, Mexican Beef & Salad, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Mushroom pizza topper

How to start

Contact us for more information and to find out when our next challenge is starting!

Contact Zoe: Via form below or email info@fitnesswithzoe.com

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