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    Booking Registering

    No bookings required just arrive at any class 10-15 minutes and just fill in the online waiver before you come.

    I'm totally unco-ordinated will I be able to do the class?

    Yes, all classes follow a simple formula which means anyone can do the class. When attending any of the dance fitness classes we advise beginners to start with the leg work then add the arms in later. We have 4 main movements per track so participants can master the steps.

    I haven't exercised in a while (or forever!) will I be too unfit?

    No matter what your fitness level is you can attend.  We can modify the workouts and show different intensity levels to suit your needs and you can always take a rest whenever you need one, there is no pressure in our classes

    How old (or young) do you have to be to attend?

    At Fitness with Zoe you will find a diverse range of women from 19 to 70 year old’s.
    Minimum age is 18.

    What do I bring to class?

    Just a towel and water. If you have a yoga mat you are welcome to bring it too.

    Where are the classes held?

    Fitness with Zoe classes are held at 14 Madden Street Aitkenvale.  There is plenty of parking in the street and you will spot the flag out the front (next door to the barber)