About Fitness With Zoe

About Zoe

  • 2017 Jungle Body Ambassador
  • 2017 Lorna Jane Active Elite
  • Accredited Certificate of Nutrition
  • Certificate III Fitness

My goal is to create a fitness community of strong, supportive, encouraging women. I wanted to create a place where you are celebrated and you feel confident and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.
Not only do our programs help women achieve amazing fitness results but we have been able to provide a place of happiness for people struggling with mental health.

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your body and if we can create an outlet where you feel safe, happy and free for just 60 minutes of the day that can be truly life changing.
Giving someone a reason to smile is one of my greatest achievements and the reason I love our fitness community.


Fitness with Zoe is about having fun, feeling fearless and finding self-happiness. It is a place where any one of any fitness level can come and workout and not feel like they are being judged. At every class we laugh, sweat, smile and walk away feeling really good about ourselves.

I feel there is so much pressure for women to look a certain way to be deemed healthy, but health is more than just a number on a set of scales.

In my eyes health and fitness is about feeling confident in your own skin, exercising for good health and looking after yourself mentally and emotionally.

I believe workouts should never feel like a chore, it should be something you look forward to and that is, I enjoy living an active lifestyle.


After taking a keen interest in nutrition I completed my Accredited of Certificate Nutrition. My focus over the past year has been weight loss and helping my clients maintain their long term weight loss goals. I don’t believe in diets but more so lifestyle changes and I have found accountability, support and education of macronutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbohydrate’s) have been a few of the fundamental elements to success.

When you have the skills to listen to your body and feel the benefits of fuelling it correctly it can be a major key to ensuring old bad habits don’t creep back. Remember everybody is different and one diet does not fit all.

About The Jungle Body

The Jungle Body® is a global fitness company that offers the world’s most fierce workouts.

The Jungle Body® was founded by Tara Simich in 2010 to offer the world a range of workouts that even the most uncoordinated person could master & leave dripping in sweat! The Jungle Body® method is functional beat-driven training fusing Dance, Boxing, Cardio and Sculpting. The result is a powerful fat burning experience that shapes the physique, floods the body with endorphins and creates the ultimate Jungle Body. Today The Jungle Body® Programs are found in over 11 Countries around the Globe with thousands of workouts happening each & every week! Visit Website: https://www.thejunglebody.com/

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