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HIIT is a fun, high-energy fat burning session that targets every part of your body by blending cardio, high intensity interval training and strength training. Each workout is different to keep your body guessing. We utilize dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells and bodyweight exercises to achieve maximum results in 45 minutes. Beginners are welcome at the class and exercises can be modified to suit your needs.

KONGA is an easy-to-follow, high intensity fusion of Boxing, Cardio, Dance & Sculpting set to the hottest beats from all decades. Konga® is a fierce & wild workout designed to shape, sculpt & redefine your physique while injecting your body with an endorphin overload. Expect to squat, burpee, sprint & sweat like crazy while some big tunes transport you to your happy place. Whether you are super fit or totally uncoordinated, Konga® is for you! With fresh choreography, new technique & the latest music every month you will never hit a plateau or get bored!

BURN! is a one of a kind Choreographed Dumbbell Sculpt Workout. BURN! Takes 1.5kg – 2.5kg Dumbbells in each hand & fuses this with movements that are dance inspired which will shape, sculpt & improve your muscle tone in your Upper Body & Core. Focusing on functional & high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. Rather than doing weights in a boring & tedious environment – BURN! spices up traditional moves with a subtle addition of dance flavour.

Circuit Training is a popular exercise program suitable for a range of fitness levels. Circuit Training is ideal for weight loss, improved body tone, endurance and general fitness. Classes are made up of 12 stations, is easy to follow and provides a structured approach to a full-body workout. Circuit Training consists of intense aerobic and resistance training techniques aimed at burning calories and improving muscle tone in the legs, arms and upper body.

VYPA is a, high intensity interval training choreographed workout aimed at lowering your body fat, improving your Cardiovascular health & sculpting your whole body. Vypa is inspired by Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Hip Hop, Plyometrics. Expect to punch, jump, drop, sprint & squat to your favourite Electronic, Dubstep & Hip Hop tracks.

In our Boxing Bootcamp you will be taken through a series of activities that involve the use of our boxing equipment and body weight exercises. Our Boxing Bootcamp is an all in one cardio and toning class. We partner you up with someone in the class so you can come on your own. This is a fun fast paced session guaranteed to make you sweat, improve your fitness and relieve some stress as you punch your way to a fitter you

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